The Brenner Group® is among Silicon Valley’s most experienced restructuring specialists on behalf of investors, creditors, boards, and executive management of financially distressed technology companies. The Brenner Group’s restructuring services help clients better understand their options, prioritize them, and drive toward the most attractive scenario while preparing for downside eventualities. We can assume an active role in the restructuring effort, based on the depth of our team and nearly 30 years’ experience.

The Brenner Group is often retained effectively as the Chief Restructuring Officer (CRO), serving as the restructuring expert for the board, creditors, management, and shareholders. We work closely with the management team and Board to craft the best possible plan and engagement for our clients.

The Brenner Group since 1987

“The Brenner Group has been an excellent resource for our firm: with very strong people who are results-oriented and committed to delivering value.”

–Brent Ahrens, General Partner, Canaan Partners

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